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Click here to enter now for 2020 Online Series!!

How will it work?
Entries open midday WST today. Entries close 15 April. Sections for reference will be sent out 22 April. Video submissions due 30 April. All routines will be marked by rubric with feedback returned. The online portal will show the results the weekend 16-17 May as if the competition were live. Section awards will consistent of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention & Special Mention. Unlike onsite competitions 1st-3rd will be medals, Honorable and special mentions; ribbons. These will be posted to you. Junior & Senior Dancer’s & Performers will also be awarded with cash prizes. The online round will still qualify for the West Coast & East Coast Nationals in 2021!

Will all categories and style be available?
Yes entries will be open for all ages, solos, duo/ trios and troupes.

Will the sections be huge?
Sections will be no bigger than at our onsite competitions. We have no more than 15 in a section!


Will you still do best tumbles, turns and leaps?
Yes we will! These will occur across the weekend of 16-17 May and dancers will be able to submit their entry via social media. Apparel prizes will be sent to the winners!

How much will it cost to enter?
Pricing has been reduced to the online nature.
$15.00 participation fee (paid once per competitor - all competitors will be sent a participation medal)
$20.00 per solo video submission.
$25.00 per duo/trio video submission.
$35.00 per troupe video submission.

How will I send you video submissions?
You will be able to upload your videos from 23 April onto our website.

Full costume and makeup?
Yes of course!

Will the video need to be shot anywhere specific?
No; this could be done in your studio/ home and recorded. As long as we can see the entire routine. You are also welcome to submit a video of a routine recorded on a stage. No marks deducted for where you record! We are interested in the dancing!

How will you post photos online?
We will encourage participants to tag us in photos throughout the entire time frame; we will then endeavor to share as many as these as possible on our profile.



East Coast: 19 – 21 February 2021

West Coast: 15 – 17 January 2021